I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, which used to be quite a big frustration for my mom who tried to get me outside and healthy as a kid! That never really happened though, and my passion for video games has stuck through me into adulthood. While being able to build a career within video games has always been a dream of mine, it always seemed like an unrealistic dream growing up in Norway where there really isn't that many video game related career options. As a result, I took up streaming as a hobby after being told time after time that I should, as I would sometimes have quite the hilarious reaction to the games I played (especially within the horror genre).

In the summer of 2014, I was offered a job as a linguistic video game tester, though this would mean I had to quit my current job at the time and move away to the other side of the globe for a job that would only last me three months but with a possible extension if I performed well. The video games career dream did of course surface, and I accepted eagerly. This led me to an exciting journey to a city named St. Jerome in Quebec, Canada, and is also the first step I took towards my dream goal.

And the Video Game Testing gig went well! It was quite tough to be at the other side of the world, with none of my friends and family there with me, but the job was INCREDIBLE and I loved every second of it. At the end of my three months contract I was offered an extension, but as this time I grew quite lonely outside of my work life and I chose to travel back home instead. This is also when I started to actually focus on my streaming, as I had quite a bit of free time while I was still searching for a new job, and I had also built a brand new rig during this trip.

After about a year or so back in Norway, with a new job that came and went, I stumbled over a job listing from EA where they wanted Norwegian advisors to assist their players, I just knew that this was my moment and that I would be absolutely perfect for this job. It was still a customer service job, but at least this time it would be focused towards games! I immediately applied, and got the job shortly after which involved EA paying for me to relocate to Ireland, where I am still living to this date. After little less than a year working for EA, I started to get my nose involved in their QA apartment, and they've been quite happy to keep me in the loop about how their department is doing and I've had a very successful interview with one of the project managers. Hopefully I will be able to nail a position as a Quality Analyst as soon as one is available, which will be the point where my career really begins.

Streaming is of course something that I've kept as a major hobby on the side of things, and while my streaming schedule has gone from full time to being quite sporadic, I am not planning on quitting any time soon! The friends I've met and connected with through Twitch are some of the best people I've ever met and I count myself lucky every single day to be able to call the majority of you for friends <3

- TaintedTali