Command Response Permissions
!art My channel art was made by SweptSquash of Senshudo! You can show some appreciation over at taliLove All
!blind This is a BLIND playthrough, this means no hints, tips, spoilers or backseat gaming. If Tali decides she would like help she will ask chat specifically, if you are purged please do not take it to heart and know it's just to increase Tali's enjoyment of the game! All
!boobies BOOOBIES!!! All
!cake The cake is a LIE! All
!cheers Cheers !! All
!commands Here's a list of commands usable in my chat: All
!dance /me dances! ┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓ All
!dedinfo Alien: Isolation - Hard mode: 21 deaths All
!discord Come hang out in my discord channel off-cast! All
!donate You can support my streams by donating through here: or by donating to my steam account here: All
!emotes I now have BTTV emotes! To see them all, check your BTTV extension or the Emotes section here: All
!home I made my own homepage to try and gather all relevant info in one place! It also has a store where you can purchase stuff with your Logs! All
!logsinfo You earn 1 log for every 5 minutes you're in the stream while it's live. Logs can be spent on beaver heists, giveaways and song requests. All
!merch Want to get your paws on some sweet TaintedTali merch? Then check out ! All
!minecraft Want to join our community Minecraft server? The server address is: All
!mod How 'bout no?! All
!nudes All
!raid Ok, so we're gonna go out with a bang and do a raid! Whenever you're ready, go into @[email protected] channel and wait for the raid call below.[email protected] taliLove Mod only
!resourcepack Like my resource pack and want to use it yourself? You can download it from here: All
!rules No spamming - No advertising - No douchebaggery - Respect the mods - Be sensible - Breaking any of these rules will get you a timeout not allowing you speak in chat for a temporary period. Continuing to break the rules will get you banned for a much longer time! - Thank you for keeping the chat pleasant :) All
!schedule My schedule is listed under this channel and on this link: All
!senshudo I am part of the Senshudo community and streamteam! Drop by to learn more about what they do and possibly join up yourself. All
!social You can also stalk TaintedTali over at and All
!specs Full list of specs can be found right under the channel, or here:! All
!steam I've made a Steam group for use as an offstream gathering place for us! All
!subscribe Ever wish you could subscribe to my channel and get awesome benefits? Now you can! Check it out here: All
!support I have created a webpage that contains all the information you need on how to support my stream: All
!tablefix ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) All
!tableflip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ All
!tinybuild I am now a TinyBuild affiliate! You can buy any of their games from the following link and support me in the process: All
!vote All
!youtube There's even more content over at my YouTube channel! All
Command Response Permissions
!8ball A randomized typical 8-ball response All
!banned @[email protected], you've been TALIBANNED! VIPs and Mods
!builddam A randomised response in regards to how well the user builds dams. All
!caster - @[email protected] is an absolutely lovely streamer who you should definitely check out! You can follow them over at[email protected]! taliLove VIPs and Mods
!constructdam The custom heist command for my channel. Lets you take a number of your logs and start a dam construction, or join into an existing one. All
!ctt If you're enjoying yourself, why not tweet out the stream? @[email protected][I'm watching @TaintedTali play @[email protected] at *Fun reason to join here*] All
!ded Tali has been deded @[email protected] times... D E D! Mod only
!fap /me faps to a picture of @[email protected] FapFapFap All
!faps /me faps to a picture of @[email protected] FapFapFap All
!givebeer @[email protected] gives @[email protected] a beer. All
!givecoke @[email protected] gives @[email protected] a Coke. All
!givecookie @[email protected] gives @[email protected] a cookie. All
!hug @[email protected] hugs @[email protected] taliLove All
!logs @[email protected] has watched the stream for @[email protected], and has accumulated @[email protected] logs All
!multi We're currently multistreaming! Watch us both on All
!rekt GET REKT, @[email protected]! taliRekt All
!rigged Life ain't fair @[email protected] ... deal with it! All
!stats @[email protected] | @[email protected] Logs | First joined on @[email protected] | @[email protected] hours in stream | Rank: @[email protected] | @[email protected] hours till you level up! All
!swearjar The swearjar currently holds @[email protected] logs. All
!throw (╯°□°)╯︵ @[email protected] All
!time Local time: @[email protected] All
!topic @[email protected] All
!uptime The channel has been live for @[email protected]! All
!welcome A very beavery welcome, @[email protected]! taliLove All
Command Response Permissions Cost
!kupo Kupo kupo! All 10
!scare1 Jumpscare incoming BibleThump All 20
!scare2 Jumpscare incoming BibleThump All 20
!scare3 Jumpscare incoming BibleThump All 20
!scare4 Jumpscare incoming BibleThump All 20
!surprise SHIA SURPRISE! taliKappa All 20
Command Response Permissions
!requestsong To request a song, type "!requestsong [YouTube-link, id, or search]". All
!song Displays the title of the song playing, along with the user who requested the song. All
!prevsong Displays the title of the previously played song, along with the user who requested the song. All
!nextsong Displays the title of the next listed song, along with the user who requested the song. All
!songlist Gives you the link to view the full playlist. All
!skipsong Start a vote to skip the current song. All
!skipsong x Pay the veto cost and skip the song by yourself! *Note: Veto powers are expensive! All