There are many ways you can support the channel, and myself as a broadcaster, and this page is meant to be a guide into these different support methods. The options listed here range from completely free to a price tag of your own choosing.

Thank you so much for even taking the time to view this page <3

Watching the stream

This is probably the simplest (and cheapest) way you can support me in what I do. Simply open the stream when it is live, and either chat away with the community and myself or just lurk and enjoy the show. Even lurking and not enjoying the show helps my channel out a great deal!


While I'm not an official Twitch partner (and I don't aim to be either), you can still choose to support me monetary on a monthly basis by becoming a Gamewisp Subscriber. These funds will strictly go to things related to keeping the stream going, as upgrading equipment when necessary or paying for some of the rewards you can redeem through the Logs Store.

Spread the word

Another way to support the channel while on a budget is to simply spread the word about who I am, what I do and maybe why people would want to take part. This can be done by tweeting out the stream when I am live with a simple !ctt command, or just generally talking about our friendly and helpful community. The more we are, the merrier we can be, no?

Affiliate Links

If you want to take your wallet and go shopping while still supporting me, then you can check out any of my affiliate links found below.